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About Us

Welcome to Kentucky Equestrian Directory!  I'm Erika, the Publisher, and this is my horse, Intenso Mor (Enso), the energy and driving force behind this publication!  


This is our story: Enso needed a home and I needed a horse, and our paths connected through the Foundation For The Pure Spanish Horse.  I have always admired the lovely Iberian breeds, and to have the opportunity to adopt and give back to other less-fortunate horses by supporting a rescue organization was a dream come true. Our journey has relied on the expertise of many professionals - veterinarians, dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, energy workers, barefoot trimmers, trainers, saddle fitters, nutritionists, and many more to assist in the rehabilitation of this "wounded" soul.  Without a comprehensive source, I relied on tack shop bulletin boards, word of mouth and just plain instinct, which became time consuming and many times unproductive.  


This experience inspired my vision to create an effective resource for owners, riders, professionals and businesses of all disciplines to connect within the local horse community. More than just a business directory, it also features content on trending topics, the best practices and innovators in the industry, plus tips from the pros! 

We hope you find this to be an invaluable resource and ask you to please support our advertisers, without whom this complimentary directory would not be possible. 

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